Our neuroscience specialists offer the quick response, clinical expertise and extensive experience you need to treat stroke, brain or nervous system conditions and improve your quality of life. In addition, Portsmouth Regional Hospital continually invests in technology to provide the latest treatments for neurological conditions.

Top-Quality Clinicians With Advanced Technology

At Portsmouth Regional Hospital, our expert clinical staff of physicians, operating room teams and nurses use advanced technologies to perform all types of neurosurgeries.

You benefit from our familiarity with the complete spectrum of treatments—we recognize which approaches best fit your particular condition and customize a care program specifically for you.

We also enjoy close, collaborative relationships with regional referral sites such as Dartmouth, Maine Medical and hospitals in Boston, so you're assured of receiving the best treatment available—with our neuro specialists serving as your personal consultants who follow your progress throughout.

Expert Services for Neurological Conditions & Stroke

From advanced technology to one-on-one support for your specific condition and circumstances, Portsmouth Regional Hospital provides everything you need for brain, nervous system and stroke care. Take advantage of our many conventional, alternative and advanced services and treatments.

  • Brain stents, balloon angioplasty – Returns blood flow to arteries in the brain, head and neck
  • Stroke Alert – Our integrated, fast-response process and continuum of care for stroke
  • Angiography – Detailed imagery of complex structures inside the body assists with accurate diagnosis and focused treatment
  • Kyphoplasty/vertebroplasty – Rejuvenating treatments for spine fracture and herniated or degenerative discs
  • Neurosurgery – Delicate procedures performed by expert teams using advanced tools, such as Camino Laboratories' fiber-optic technology to monitor pressure inside the skull and brain, as well as a surgical microscope and Brainlab's stereotactic navigational system to precisely locate and treat or remove small targets inside the body
  • Tests and imaging – Procedures and equipment—MRI, 3T MRI, CT, PET and others—for extensive exploration of health conditions to give you and your physician the most accurate diagnostic information available to plan your care
  • Ultrasonic tumor aspiration – Removes hard-to-reach brain tumors
  • Tumor embolization – Cuts blood flow to a tumor before surgery, which means shorter surgical procedures, less blood loss and reduced need for transfusion

As a neuro, brain or stroke patient or family member of a patient at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, you'll also appreciate access to our pain management and palliative care options, behavioral health services and extensive educational materials for cancer-related conditions.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Support for your recovery and return to function following brain, nervous system or spine-related injury, damage, tumor, surgery or stroke is all part of the extensive rehabilitation services available to you through Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

Review information about various brain and nervous system conditions and stroke in our online Health Library.