Following a heart attack or heart surgery, or if you live with coronary artery disease—including chest pain (angina)—or congestive heart failure, your doctor will likely recommend cardiac rehabilitation to help you recover, manage your condition and return to healthy living. Our comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program and dedicated staff support you and your family every step of the way as you make important lifestyle adjustments after a cardiac event or diagnosis.

Because education and risk assessment are essential to maintaining heart health, we also offer classes and resources to prevent heart disease. Consult our online calendar for classes and lectures that focus on Heart Care.

Your First Choice for Cardiac Rehabilitation

When you choose Portsmouth Regional Hospital for cardiac rehab, you're choosing comprehensive services in one convenient location, our Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness, just down the street from the hospital at 155 Borthwick Avenue. You'll have access to a team of exercise physiologists, nurses, physical therapists, pulmonologists, nutritionists, cardiologists, respiratory therapists and internists, who will tailor your program to your specific needs. Program components typically include:

  • Goal-setting for realistic lifestyle changes
  • Medically supervised exercise
  • Weight management
  • Stress management, including integrative care services, such as Reiki and massage therapy, to heal your mind, body and spirit
  • Educational programs to help you understand your condition and avoid future heart problems
  • Smoking cessation
  • Heart-healthy nutrition classes and one-on-one counseling with our registered dietitians
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation through our Second Wind program

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How You Benefit from Cardiac Rehab

When you participate in our cardiac rehabilitation program, you'll learn to:

  • Recognize symptoms of heart disease and when to seek medical attention
  • Begin a personalized exercise program designed to fit your needs
  • Work toward your ideal body weight and cholesterol level through physical activity and good nutrition
  • Return to your regular work and leisure activities
  • Reduce your risk factors and chances of future heart attack
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle with the help of your cardiac rehabilitation team

Start Right Now

Physician referral is required for monitored cardiac rehab services. Ask your doctor when you can begin. You may be required to take a treadmill stress test as a baseline for creating the exercise program that will be most effective for you.

Many insurance carriers cover the costs of our monitored cardiac rehab services. You may be responsible for a copayment. For questions about reimbursement, talk to your insurance carrier.

Mended Hearts Support & Education

If you've been diagnosed with heart disease, you'll find a supportive community in our Mended Hearts program. Mended Hearts, a national organization focused on hope and recovery, brings heart patients, families and caregivers together in a network of caring individuals. Members share their experiences, learn from healthcare professionals and volunteer to talk with other heart patients about life with heart disease.