Portsmouth Regional Hospital offers you access to cardiac scanning, an advanced CT technology used to create a detailed picture of the heart.

How You Benefit

The comprehensive cardiac scan can provide early warning about calcifications and blockages to arteries, giving you time to consult with a physician and take action to prevent a heart attack, stroke or other serious condition.

As a screening tool for people with no history of heart disease, the scan should never take the place of other diagnostic testing recommended by your doctor. This private-pay service isn't covered by health insurance.

What to Expect

A cardiac scan is a painless, noninvasive procedure. Performed in a single sweep, the process takes about an hour, including consultation with a board-certified radiologist who reads the results of the scan.

The Radiation Right safety program at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, where we adhere to nationally approved safety protocols that prevent accidental or excessive exposure, ensures you receive the lowest effective dose of radiation.

Learn more about cardiac scanning in our online Health Library or the special RadiologyInfo website.

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