We are committed to helping you determine and achieve your breastfeeding goals through education and support prenatally, in the hospital and once you’re are at home. We offer prenatal education courses, private consults, a lactation warm line and a weekly breastfeeding support group.

Our certified lactation consultants:

Seacoast Family Care

Betsy Keith, RN, IBCLC
Pam Azorsky, IBCLC
Maryann Lessard, RN IBCLC
Kristine Zuniga, RN IBCLC

Contact numbers:

603-433-4086 Lactation Line
603-433-4028 Maternity Desk

Prenatal Lactation Services - A free service in our office as early as the start of your second trimester. This visit includes breast assessment, health and medications review, breastfeeding education and individualized breastfeeding plan.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class – Held the second Wednesday every month. Taught by a certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). Class provides information, advice and support for women who wish to breastfeed or are thinking of breastfeeding. Call 888-421-1080 to register.

Postpartum Lactation Services - Breastfeeding mothers have access to a consult by a certified lactation consultant after delivery while in the hospital.

Lactation Warm Line - Call 603-433-4086 for non-urgent breastfeeding related questions and advice.

Outpatient Lactation Services - Any breastfeeding mother may make an appointment for a private consultation in our office for any breastfeeding difficulties, education, need for reassurance beyond the hospital stay including but not limited to pre and post feeding weight checks. This is a billable visit covered by most insurances.

Breast Pump Rentals – Pump rentals are done through our hospital gift shop. Stop by or call 603-433-4039.