Procedures using incisions generally under one-half inch in length are known as minimally invasive. Often labeled laparoscopic surgery and performed with specialized instruments such as endoscopes, minimally invasive surgery means you typically experience less pain and discomfort, less blood loss, smaller scars, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery than with traditional large-incision surgery.

Your First Choice for Advanced Surgical Services

At Portsmouth Regional Hospital, more than 30 percent of our surgical procedures use laparoscopic, minimally invasive techniques. With endoscopic instruments, our skilled, board-certified surgeons operate on internal organs through several small openings in the body rather than creating one large incision.

Because the required cuts are so small they might fit under a postage stamp, the process has been called "keyhole" surgery. Depending on your particular situation, minimally invasive surgery may allow you to return home the same or the next day and get back to work or your active life within two or three days.

Innovative Tools & Treatments

In addition to the latest fiber-optic and other innovative surgical tools available at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, we continually expand our capacity to deliver enhanced procedures and services close to home—we're in your neighborhood and we care about your health. Our minimally invasive surgical techniques make an excellent choice when you need:

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Support your recovery and regain function following surgery by taking advantage of the extensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services available to you through Portsmouth Regional Hospital. Our compassionate clinicians, nurses and therapists deliver the expert care you need. Your overall recuperation, return to daily activities and outlook on life can also benefit from our services for postoperative pain management and integrative care.