The Neuro Day Rehabilitation program at Portsmouth Regional Hospital has a proven track record of helping individuals recover skills and return to the lives they love. Participants in the program, located in our Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness, consistently show improvements in independence, employment, leisure, socialization and life satisfaction.

Help for Stroke, Head Injury & Neurologic Conditions

We've helped countless individuals recovering from stroke, head injury and trauma or living with neurologic conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. We support individuals who are able to live at home increase their independence through:

  • Practical learning experiences in clinical, community and home settings
  • Exploration of work and volunteer interests
  • Return to work or school
  • Family and community education

Family members are actively involved in the program and benefit from counseling, support and education on managing their loved one's care and continued progress once the program is complete.

Collaborative Approach to Care

The success of our program comes from our comprehensive team approach to your recovery. Experts from multiple disciplines—including physiatry, physical, occupational and speech therapy and case management—collaborate in your care. Your personalized program may include integrative therapies such as massage, Reiki and biofeedback. With board-certified specialists in neurology, our center is uniquely qualified to support you on your path to recovery.

Your care team meets weekly on your behalf to share your progress and collaborate on strategies for meeting your goals. Throughout your involvement in the program, we track your functional progress and evaluate your results with you, including an assessment three months after you complete the program.