Stroke Services – Expert Care Close To Home

Stroke is the nation's 5th leading cause of death, and the leading cause of serious, long-term disability in the United States. Portsmouth Regional Hospital's commitment to providing outstanding stroke care has earned us:

At Portsmouth Regional Hospital, Seacoast residents have access to better, faster treatment—especially important when it comes to stroke—because Time=Brain.

Portsmouth Regional Hospital works closely with local EMS providers to deliver brain-saving care within the critical first three hours after symptoms appear. We can administer clot-dissolving drugs as well as being one of two New Hampshire hospitals, and the only one on the Seacoast, offering Endovascular Thrombectomy (a.k.a. clot retrieval or stent retriever) procedures close to home. This timely treatment may help avoid permanent brain damage, diminished capacity, or death. Together, our fast actions and response give you the greatest chance of recovery that preserves the best possible quality of life.

We are the only hospital on the Seacoast to offer Endovascular Thrombectomy, or stent retriever — the lifesaving procedure featured on NBC Nightly News.

Neuro Services at Portsmouth Regional Hospital

  • You benefit from our coordinated brain, nervous system and stroke care and resources, with tools for highly precise imaging that lead to more accurate diagnoses and more targeted treatment. Our minimally invasive options result in shorter surgeries with better outcomes, including more tumor cells removed in a single procedure, less time in the hospital, and a faster return to daily life.

Advanced Imaging Technology

  • Because detailed images are key for accurate diagnosis and treatment of brain and nervous system conditions, we offer advanced technologies for tests and imaging—electroencephalogram (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), advanced MRI (such as 3T MRI), CT (computed tomography) scan, ultrasound and more—to provide important assessments for evaluation.

Team-Based Care

  • Specialists involved in your care collaborate in multidisciplinary conferences to coordinate their efforts and ensure you receive the best possible treatments with the best possible results. We're the only hospital in the Seacoast where neuro and stroke services include 24/7 coverage by neuro specialists and intensivists.
  • Learn more about our advanced options for diagnosis and treatment of stroke, brain, and nervous system conditions.

Rehabilitation & Recovery for Stroke Survivors

After your stroke, we partner with you on the road to recovery. Your next step may be to return home, continue follow-up care at a dedicated inpatient rehab facility nearby, or participate in our outpatient Neuro Day Rehab program at Portsmouth Regional Hospital's Day Rehabilitation Center. Our rehabilitation services include individualized physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy, all enhanced by the latest technology, such as the Body-Weight Support System (BWSS), which helps you regain balance, endurance, skills, and independence.

Stroke Resources & Support

  • The Stroke Center in our online Health Library
  • Krempels Center and Foundation in Portsmouth, NH, for programs, education, community connections and resources to improve the lives of people living with brain injury from stroke; available after reaching other rehab benefit limits
  • American Stroke Association's Stroke Family Warmline at 1.888.4STROKE (1.888.478.7653) for free patient support services that help families learn about stroke
  • American Stroke Association (ASA) website, offering the latest version of the ASA Patient and Family Stroke Education Handbook
  • National Stroke Association website, with a helpful online guide Explaining Stroke