Feel confident and comfortable again while living your active life. Although bladder and pelvic floor disorders represent some of the most common medical issues among women—potentially affecting as many as one in two—most try to handle the conditions by themselves.

If you're trying to cope with a bladder or pelvic disorder, we can help. At Portsmouth Regional Hospital, we provide a private, confidential setting to discuss your specific situation and determine an individual treatment plan that meets your needs.

Your Best Choice for Urogynecologic Surgery

Our board-certified and fellowship-trained urogynecologic surgeons and specialists offer a variety of treatment options to get you back to the life you love. You benefit from the latest surgical and nonsurgical treatment options, including medication and therapy, minimally invasive surgery or complex reconstructive procedures or revisions. We'll work with you to find the best treatment options for your needs.

Urogynecologic Surgery Procedures at Portsmouth Regional Hospital

Your options for urogynecologic surgery—many involving minimally invasive procedures—include:

  • Hysterectomy – Removing the uterus
  • Pelvic floor and vaginal prolapse repair, vaginal or uterine suspension – Resupporting and/or returning pelvic organs to proper placement within the pelvic cavity
  • Sacral neuromodulation – Stimulation of nerves from the spine to the bladder for improving urinary control
  • Burch urethropexy – Reducing stress on the bladder opening by attaching the urethra to nearby tissue or the pelvic bone
  • Urethral bulking agents – Injecting a substance, such as collagen, under the urethra to improve urinary control
  • Midurethral or pubovaginal slings – Placing mesh midway along the urethra or attaching tissue to the pubic bone to cradle the bladder neck
  • Perineorrhaphy – Repairing tears to the perineum following labor and delivery

Urogynecologic Conditions We Treat

Many factors can weaken the muscles and tissues of the bladder or pelvic floor, including childbirth, heavy lifting, the effects of menopause and aging, as well as other chronic medical and neurologic conditions. At Portsmouth Regional Hospital, you'll find comprehensive surgical services to help with:

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Rehabilitation & Recovery

Support your recovery and regain function following surgery by taking advantage of the extensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services available to you through Portsmouth Regional Hospital. Our compassionate clinicians, nurses and therapists deliver the expert care you need. Your overall recuperation, return to daily activities and outlook on life can also benefit from our services for postoperative pain management and integrative care.