Understanding Weight Loss Surgery

Your decision to have weight loss surgery should be an informed one. At Portsmouth Regional Hospital, we'll help you understand procedures, answer your questions and give you all the resources you need for your weight loss journey.

Attend an Information Session

Your first step in determining whether bariatric surgery is right for you is attending one of our free weight loss information seminars, designed to provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision about weight loss surgery.

View dates and register online for an upcoming session or call (888) 421-1080. You may also walk in and register at the seminar.

We are now offering online information sessions. Sign-up today!

The Importance of Support

Support groups give weight loss surgery patients an invaluable opportunity to gather information, share their personal weight loss experiences and learn from others' experiences. Joining a support group can help with the physical and emotional issues surrounding weight loss surgery and provide the continuing support and encouragement needed to reach your goals.

Our free monthly support groups provide opportunities before and after surgery to learn and ask questions of our dietitian, psychologist and bariatric nurse, as well as patients who share their personal stories about the challenges and successes of weight loss surgery and the path to renewed health. Sessions are open to anyone who has had or is planning to have weight loss surgery.

Explore our weight loss support groups.

Weight Management Center

Visit our online Weight Management Center for a complete guide to weight loss. Education topics include:

  • Food, nutrition and diet
  • Exercise
  • Medication
  • Weight management for children and seniors
  • Diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Natural and alternative treatments

Learn about nutrition services and rehabilitation services at Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

Healthy Living Calculators

Use our healthy living calculators to determine your BMI, ideal body weight and other health measures, based on national standards. You'll also find an exercise guide, calorie guidelines and other tools to help with your weight loss goals.