With treatment available 24/7 through our primary hospitals in Portsmouth and Derry, Occupational Health Services of Portsmouth Regional Hospital, LLC, takes care of your employees who may be hurt on the job. Our certified occupational health staff and multiple medical specialists respond quickly to injuries, ensuring faster and fuller recovery.

Help Your Business by Helping Your Employees

We get involved early in the details of each person's care to facilitate a quick return to mobility and function for home and work-related tasks, along with other activities that make life worthwhile. Portsmouth Regional Hospital services include:

  • Independent medical evaluations
  • Full collaboration with your workers' compensation officer
  • Comprehensive case management and patient follow-up
  • Flexible recovery programs
  • Protection of confidential information
  • Compliance with all workplace health and safety regulations

Rest assured—we maintain all tests, assessments, results and participant files in accordance with privacy standards set by The Joint Commission, the nation's leading healthcare provider accrediting agency, and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

Support your employees' speedy recovery and encourage a safe return to work, family and community with the physical therapy (PT) services available at clinic locations. If a person's mobility has been impaired by injury or accident, our physical therapists can prescribe and assist with specific exercises, manual manipulation, fitness regimens, wellness activities and work stimulation activities to help achieve maximum movement and function. Our specialists help develop skills to adapt to changes in personal capacity and assist in coordinating care with other health professionals.

Learn more about additional rehabilitation services at Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

When you partner with Portsmouth Regional Hospital for occupational health services, your company and your employees can be assured of round-the-clock injury coverage. Because the first 72 hours after an injury are critical to effective treatment and maximum recovery, we respond quickly to your needs.

In addition to first-rate medical treatment tailored to the specific injury or condition, we collaborate with your company's compensation officer on comprehensive case management and patient follow-up. Rapid access to healthcare specialists fosters faster, more complete recovery, so your employees can return to work, family and familiar activities as soon as possible.

Our occupational health specialists and nurse case managers regularly evaluate each situation and assess your employee's readiness to return to work. We can also design personalized recovery programs for regaining strength, mobility, flexibility and other aptitudes needed in your workplace or in specialized occupations.

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Let's work together for everyone's good health. To learn more about our services for workplace wellness, call (603) 430-9675.