Breast cancer care in Portsmouth

A breast cancer diagnosis can be stressful and confusing. At Portsmouth Regional Hospital, you can trust us to stay with you throughout your journey. You benefit from our comprehensive cancer care program, which includes diverse medical specialists, highly trained surgeons and important support services to help you make the best choices for your care. We create a personalized plan for your breast cancer treatment and follow-up tailored to your specific situation.

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The two most common types of breast cancer are ductal carcinoma—where tumors form in the cells of the milk ducts—and lobular carcinoma, which occurs in the milk-producing glands or lobules. Both types may be invasive (capable of spreading) or noninvasive.

While generally associated with women, breast cancer can also occur in men. Less common subtypes of breast cancer include inflammatory breast cancer and triple-negative breast cancer. This form of cancer can return over time and may affect other sites in the body besides breast tissue.

Breast cancer nurse navigator

Our breast cancer nurse navigator provides education, support and healthcare coordination for patients with breast cancer diagnoses or patients who have been been identified as high risk. She is with you and your family throughout your journey. The navigator's role is to:

  • Work with you to understand your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Guide you and your family to informed decision-making and supportive care across the cancer continuum
  • Coordinate office visits with your medical and surgical providers for timely access to appointments and resources
  • Provide a personalized touch to breast cancer care by visiting you at appointments, assessing your needs and relaying relevant information to your treatment team
  • Assist you with solutions to personal needs and concerns, such as transportation, finances and other services, and connecting you to community resources
  • Serve as an ongoing source of support and education for you and your family as you travel through your cancer treatment and survivorship

Find out how healthy you are by taking our free online health risk assessment for breast cancer.

Accredited Breast Center

The Breast Center at Portsmouth Regional Hospital has been awarded accreditation from the American College of Radiology in mammography, breast MRI and stereotactic breast biopsy for achieving high practice standards in image quality, personnel qualifications, facility equipment, facility control procedures and quality assurance programs.

Breast cancer treatment

You benefit from our digital mammography technology for detailed breast imaging and diagnostic breast biopsy options, which deliver quick results that enable us to deliver the prompt and customized care you need. In addition, you can take advantage of our full treatment spectrum—including chemotherapy/infusion, access to radiation therapy, cancer surgery and breast reconstruction—delivered and monitored close to home.

Breast cancer can be surgically removed with a mastectomy procedure (your surgeon will remove all of your breast tissue) or a lumpectomy procedure (your surgeon will remove only part of your breast tissue). With an advanced surgical technique, our fellowship-trained breast surgeon will place the incision in a location that is hard to see, so that the scar is not visible when your incision heals. As a result you have little to no visible reminder of the surgery or your cancer. This technique can be performed for a nipple sparing mastectomy or a lumpectomy procedure.

Our Breast Center ensures the highest level of breast cancer care through early detection, a variety of treatment options, rehabilitation and support services. If surgery is needed, we focus on alternatives to total mastectomy. Breast reconstruction surgery is also available.

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