Nutrition therapy offered by registered dietitians

Your diet is crucial to your health—it can be as important as taking the right medication or following the right therapy. That makes your registered dietitian an essential part of your healthcare team. These experts create a personalized nutrition plan that fits your precise needs. They will help with meal planning and coach you with lifestyle choices that move you toward a healthier tomorrow.

Registered dietitians in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

At Portsmouth Regional Hospital, our registered dietitians are specially trained to focus on your specific nutrition needs. They are educated in dietetics, nutrition therapy, public health and other fields, and they keep current with ongoing professional education.

These highly trained professionals understand that challenges such as illness, job demands, family obligations and other issues can make it difficult to eat healthy meals. They will use behavior modification techniques to help you make lifestyle changes that can put you on the path to long-term success. Whether you’re an athlete, have special dietary restrictions or need nutrition guidance as part of your care plan at Portsmouth, our dietitians are ready to help.

To make an appointment with a dietitian, call (603) 334-2006.

What is Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)?

Medical nutrition therapy is an evidence-based medical approach to treating certain chronic conditions through the use of an individually tailored nutrition plan. Healthcare is personal, and our focus is on your needs and goals. If you have an illness or condition that requires a special diet, look to our experts as your personal nutrition consultants. We provide medical nutrition therapy along with advice and counseling for a wide range of health needs, including:

Keeping you healthy

Our nutrition services can also help you achieve goals that will move you toward health and keep you there. We support and coach you with:

  • Medical weight loss. Our medically supervised OPTIFAST® program uses meal replacements along with nutrition counseling and support from our team of professionals.
  • Meal plans. If your doctor has recommended a special diet, we can help. Whether you need a low-sodium, low-cholesterol, gluten-free, heart-healthy or another special diet, we’ll provide planning and strategies to help you succeed.
  • Active lifestyle and sports nutrition. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, have performance goals or just want to be as active as possible, make us part of your training team. We’ll evaluate your diet and develop a personal nutrition plan to help you meet your unique goals.


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To make an appointment, speak with a registered dietitian for insurance purposes or just want to learn more about our services, call us at (603) 334-2006.