Because we serve a particular population and our patients' needs come first, Portsmouth Regional Hospital maintains very specific visiting hours and procedures for behavioral health patients. Visiting time is limited because our patients participate in active, highly structured programs where they're busy for extended periods.

For everyone's safety and security, only family members may visit—two at a time—and all visits must take place in public areas, not patient rooms. We also restrict items and inspect all items intended for patients. We maintain a strict no-firearms policy.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you have questions, you're welcome to speak with our staff.

Visiting Hours

Due to COVID-19, visitors to the Behavioral Health Unit are required to coordinate in advance with the social work department.

Visitor Guidelines

Stop at the lobby reception desk for permission to proceed to the behavioral health unit.

Leave purses, bags, briefcases and backpacks in your car to avoid bringing a restricted item—food, beverages, lighter, matches, sharp object, etc.—into the unit. If you forget, we'll ask you to take the item to your car or store it behind the nursing station while you visit.

Check in at the behavioral health nursing station when you arrive at the unit. Notify staff members if you brought any items for the patient, and we'll conduct our inspection.

If you anticipate that a visit may not go well or may be difficult for you, let a staff member know so we can address your concerns.

Who May Visit

Visitors are limited to immediate family members—only mother, father, sister, brother—clergy and/or others of clinical significance who are age 18 or older. In conjunction with the family, a patient's social worker and/or physician makes decisions regarding all visitors.

Outpatient therapists may visit outside of regular visiting hours with prior arrangements by the physician, but treatment services may not be provided unless appropriate practice privileges have been granted by Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

Phone Calls

Because patients participate in ongoing treatment sessions throughout the day, they will not be called to the phone. Staff members will provide family members with the number of the pay phone in the unit where patients can be reached 10 minutes before each hour for 10 minutes only.

Concerned About Yourself or a Loved One?

Get help now. For a free, confidential and immediate assessment of your situation 24/7, call toll-free:

  • In New Hampshire – (800) 924-1086
  • Outside New Hampshire – (800) 221-9666