Urologists in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth Regional Hospital provides advanced urological care for conditions of the male and female urinary tract—the bladder, kidneys, ureter and urethra—and the male reproductive system.

Our board-certified urologists bring compassion and the most innovative practices and technologies to your care. Together, we'll determine the best treatment possible to restore your quality of life.

If you have questions about our services or want to schedule an appointment, you can reach a nurse 24/7 by calling (888) 421-1080.

Urological conditions we treat

Portsmouth Regional Hospital offers care for most urological conditions, including:

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Prostate cancer
  • Genitourinary cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Urinary obstructions (including kidney stones and flow problems)

Genitourinary cancer

Genitourinary cancers develop in the male reproductive system and adrenal glands that are part of the genitourinary (GU) tract. We treat cancers affecting the following genitourinary organs:

  • Bladder
  • Kidney
  • Testicular
  • Urethral

Some symptoms of these cancers may resemble other health conditions and can be difficult to detect in early stages. Discuss your concerns with your physician for accurate diagnosis and a timely plan of specific treatment.

Urological treatments

Portsmouth Regional Hospital's experienced urologists use minimally invasive techniques, such as lasers, laparoscopy and endoscopy, to treat urologic conditions and perform surgery. We commonly perform urodynamic studies (continence), scalpel-less vasectomies, cystoscopies and prostate biopsies.


Living with incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and disruptive to daily living. But it doesn't have to be.

Our urogynecologists are gynecologists specialize in caring for women with urinary and pelvic floor disorders, such as incontinence, pelvic pain and pelvic organ prolapse—common conditions that can often be treated effectively. These physicians undergo specialized training in obstetrics and gynecologic care, with many having a formal fellowship focused on surgical and nonsurgical treatment of pelvic floor disorders.

Urogynecological conditions we treat

We diagnose and treat most urinary conditions and pelvic disorders in women, such as:

  • Overactive bladder symptoms
  • Urinary retention and other voiding disorders
  • Urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Pelvic pain
  • Fistulas
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Vulvodynia

Minimally invasive solutions for urogynecological conditions

We're committed to using the most effective and least invasive methods possible for treating urogynecological conditions. When surgical care is required, we offer minimally invasive techniques with faster recoveries and less pain and scarring.

If you have a pelvic floor disorder, you may benefit from our physical therapy services specially designed for these conditions.