Dedicated to Your Recovery

At Portsmouth Regional Hospital, your recovery is in expert hands. You benefit from more board-certified clinical specialists in one location than any other rehabilitation facility in New Hampshire. Members of our team of dedicated and caring specialists work together to create a program that fits your goals and needs.

  • Certified Rehabilitation Nurses– Specialize in the care of patients with rehabilitation needs, coordinate care and serve as liaison between the patient, the physician and other medical team members
  • Physiatrists– Board-certified doctors who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation and serve as a key member of your rehab care team
  • Consulting Physicians– A comprehensive range of board-certified specialists
  • Physical Therapists (PT)– Help you learn the easiest and safest ways to improve strength, endurance, mobility, balance and coordination
  • Occupational Therapists (OT)– Teach patients to become as independent as possible in daily routines
  • Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP)– Work with you to facilitate swallowing, oral motor skills, speaking, listening, reading, writing, problem-solving and reasoning skills
  • Pastoral Care Chaplains– Provide spiritual support and counseling on request to patients and families of all denominations
  • Social Workers/Case Managers– Serve as the primary contact for you and your family. Provide updates on progress, schedule conferences and training and connect patients to community resources
  • Clinical Dietitians– Order and prepare meals that meet your individual dietary requirements, while promoting healing and physical well-being
  • Neuropsychologists – Specialize in psychology that focuses on brain function. Evaluations are conducted to assist the treatment team, patient and family in the diagnosis and treatment of difficulties or changes in thinking, memory, language, mood and personality as a result of illness or brain trauma.