Portsmouth Regional Hospital is committed to improving the lives of individuals in the Greater Seacoast and is a key provider of high quality healthcare. The hospital is one of the area’s largest employers and a good neighbor to Seacoast residents delivering millions of dollars in; free care, state and property taxes and charitable donations.

Every year Portsmouth Regional Hospital receives a large number of requests from individuals and organizations seeking funding. Since these solicitations are far above what can be fulfilled, we ask that prior to submitting, applying organizations review these guidelines, to ensure requests meet qualifying criteria including:

  • Alignment with the hospital’s mission
  • Efforts should benefit the residents of the Greater Seacoast area and have strong ties to the hospital’s health related initiatives
  • Certification of 501 (c) (3) tax status under the IRS Code/W-9 Forms/Physician Owner Verification documents as appropriate

Please be aware the following will not be considered:

  • Individual or personal causes
  • Political organizations

There is a two month lead time needed in considering any request. Sponsorships are reviewed on a monthly basis. Approved funds are dispensed within 30 days (following receipt of W-9 and Physician Owner Verification Forms required by HCA). Requests are accepted throughout the year and will be responded to in writing electronically.

Sponsorship and Donation Application