Portsmouth Regional Hospital (PRH) recently honored 12 individuals for their commitment to their patients, communities and colleagues during the annual HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction.

The three categories included in the HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction were the Frist Humanitarian Award, the HCA Healthcare Innovators Award and the HCA Healthcare Excellence in Nursing Award. The awards celebrate the positive impact that PRH and its colleagues have on patients, colleagues, and the communities it serves by recognizing extraordinary individuals who exemplify the hospital’s culture and values. The Frist Humanitarian Award recognizes the highest achievements in serving others; the Innovators Award recognizes creative new ideas for enhancing quality of care and efficiency; and the Excellence in Nursing Award recognizes the highest levels of performance in the field of nursing.

“During this ceremony, we recognize the best of the best, all of whom are nominated by their peers,” said Dean M. Carucci, chief executive officer of Portsmouth Regional Hospital. “We are fortunate to always have a wide range of nominations, calling attention to colleagues throughout the hospital, and we’re proud to have them all – nominees and winners – on our team. They consistently demonstrate commitment to our patients, dedication to finding innovative ways of solving problems, and are always living our mission.”

The award winners are, with information from their nominations:

Awards of Distinction

Frist Humanitarian Award – Physician

Daniel DeTolla, DDS, MD

Dr. DeTolla an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, is described by his PRH colleagues and employees as a rare person who does it all with kindness, patience, and strong morals. It has been said that everyone who works with him would trust him with their lives. When his colleagues identify a critical need for oral surgery, Dr. DeTolla is often the doctor on call and is always willing to help patients in need. In addition to the wonderful work he does at PRH, he gives back to the community and serves humankind. Just a few of his humanitarian efforts include trips he has made annually for the last 18 years to Barrow, Alaska, where he provides dental care to the Inuit Tribe. In addition to providing oral surgery, he has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of America to teach young Inuit children how to play lacrosse.

PRH Frist Physician 2023 Daniel DeTolla MD - Physician accepts award, accompanied by his family and colleagues.

Frist Humanitarian Award – Employee

Samantha McClelland, ECMO coordinator

Samantha has worked at Portsmouth Regional Hospital for more than 20 years and is currently the ECMO coordinator with the hospital’s cardiovascular department. As a long-term and committed employee of PRH, she has made extraordinary contributions to both our hospital and the communities we serve. She is described as a passionate advocate for patients and team members alike. Samantha has volunteered with Apraxia Kids since 2011, helping with events, increasing awareness, and raising funds. She also volunteers in her school district by providing asthma education and teaching newly diagnosed children how to use their inhalers and navigate life with asthma. Approximately one year ago she helped establish a special needs parents alliance in her school district to help parents navigate their journey.

PRH Frist Employee 2023 Samantha McClelland - Employee accepts award, accompanied by her family.

Frist Humanitarian Award – Volunteer

Linda Bolduc

Linda is a dedicated member of PRH’s volunteer service team and has given well over 2,000 hours of her time and talents to our patients and staff. As a No One Dies Alone volunteer, she has been instrumental in the refurbishment of the hospital chapel, spending many hours painting furniture and arranging décor to create the perfect atmosphere for patients, families, and staff. She also maintains the chapel’s fountain and candle-lighting station.  She continually contributes innovative ideas to the planning and execution of volunteer events and is always making improvements to the work of the volunteer service team.

PRH Frist Volunteer 2023 Linda Bolduc - Volunteers accepts award, accompanied by her family.

Additional Awards of Distinction

Innovator of the Year (one of two award winners)

Bonnie Lyn Mack

Operations coordinator, Breast Diagnostic Unit

Bonnie, who has been with PRH for 23 years, is a valued resource for her colleagues and a trusted member of the imaging department. This past summer, Bonnie looked at the staffing challenges in her department, a challenge common in healthcare today, and knew she had to think outside the box. Despite low turnout from schools and an overall lack of candidates, Bonnie developed a creative staffing model that leveraged candidates and reduced the burden and increased recognition of existing staff members. She led the imaging department in the pursuit of artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of innovative technologies in their field. Under her leadership, the imaging team at PRH piloted various AI programs such as Rad-AI and Viz-Ai. Through the use of these technologies, Bonnie is helping to shape the future of radiology.

Innovator of the Year (two of two award winners)

Vicky Walsh, RN

Director of advanced clinical applications

Vicky has been with PRH for more than 12 years. She stepped in to help lead HCA Healthcare, including PRH and the New England market, through the single largest informatics change that the enterprise has ever undertaken, known as MEDITECH Expanse. Launched in 2022, MEDITECH Expanse is HCA’s electronic health record (EHR) platform and a key part of the company’s digital transformation to provide clinicians with advanced decision support. With Vicky’s knowledge of the workflow and commitment to listen to staff, she has been an advocate for all clinical and non-clinical staff who use the system. She also has brought change and innovation to the new hire process, providing Expanse training to new clinical team members. She makes the classes useful and informative, providing not only the basics of Expanse navigation, but many vital tips.

Nursing Excellence – Compassionate Care

Allison Hussey, RN

Nursing float pool

Allison, who joined PRH 2019, consistently applies both exceptional nursing knowledge with compassion and integrity so that patient  outcomes and experience are always improving. She is known by her peers as being highly knowledgeable and a resource to all. Allison ensures her patients receive the basic needs of human wellness every day. She is patient and kind and will drop what she is doing to help out whenever and wherever she is needed.

Nursing Excellence – Professional Mentoring

Tracey Damon, RN

Clinical nurse coordinator, Intensive Care Unit

Tracey excels at making clinical decisions and solving problems, which are highly valuable traits in an intensive care unit. As a mentor and an educator, she is always there to support her team to execute top-tier nursing practices. She shares her knowledge and passion with all new members of the staff in a supportive and educational environment.  Her giving attitude and her willingness to teach others epitomizes this award which is given to a nurse who advances nursing practices by supporting career development for others and advancing evidence-based nursing knowledge.

Rose of the Year

Benita Manning

EVS housekeeper

Benita has been with PRH for 19 years and is this year’s Rose Award winner. The Rose Award is given for recognition of service excellence to a non-RN colleague who goes above and beyond to deliver excellent service. Benita is a positive influence in and around the hospital, and she always makes connections with our patients and colleagues. She is kind-hearted, always has a smile, and takes great pride in her work.

Preceptor of the Year

Joanna Foos-Reilly, RN

Open Heart Intensive Care Unit

Joanna has been with PRH for six years and is a true mentor and representative of the hospital.  Her knowledge of critical care medicine is vast, and she has a special way of sharing her knowledge in an intuitive and caring way. Her preceptees identify her “as the best,” “the reason they joined Portsmouth Regional Hospital,” and are quick to note how privileged they feel to have learned from her.

Physician of the Year

Peter Dourdoufis, DO


Dr. Dourdoufis has been affiliated with PRH since 1998. He is described as consistently doing anything and everything he can to care for patients. He is highly invested with the hospital’s residents, striving daily to educate them to become the best they can be. One of his colleagues said, “Dr. Dourdoufis exemplifies the epitome of compassionate care, medical expertise, and unwavering dedication to his patients. His good-natured approach and commitment to providing comprehensive cardiovascular care not only provides comfort to patients and families facing cardiac challenges, but also inspires confidence and resilience.” With an infectious laugh and good-natured approach, he has a wealth of knowledge and is always teaching anyone willing to learn.

Nurse of the Year

Justine DiSalvo, RN

Clinical nurse coordinator

Justine has been with PRH for just over two and half years but, in that short time, has made a significant impact. She has strong interpersonal skills, demonstrating herself to be genuine, kind, friendly, and hardworking. When describing Justine, her colleagues use the words “grit, grace, and dedication.”  She holds a strong dedication to her patients, with another colleague quoting, “I haven’t witnessed a nurse in action like her in a long time.” Justine is always stepping up to help, staying late as needed, and making herself a friendly and welcoming resource to new grads and floaters alike.

Colleague of the Year

Derek Johnson

Lead respiratory therapist

Out of 12 Colleagues of the Month for 2023, Derek has been awarded Colleague of the Year. He is a highly valued member of the PRH family who is dedicated to his work and the patients he serves. He always makes sure to explain things so that his patients and their families understand what he is doing. Derek cares for patients and their families like he would his own and has been described as “one of the calmest individuals.”