Stages Stroke Media “Takeover” for Several Days in May

Portsmouth, New Hampshire – For Stroke Awareness Month, Portsmouth Regional Hospital has launched a mini campaign to educate the public about the signs of stroke. Because patient outcomes dramatically improve when strokes are detected early and treated quickly, knowing the signs of stroke and when to seek medical help is key. Portsmouth Regional Hospital is encouraging the public to “Act F.A.S.T.”

The acronym endorsed and promoted by American Heart Association and American Stroke Association stands for:

  • Face: Face Drooping: Is one side drooping?
  • Arms: Arm Weakness: Is one weaker?
  • Speech: Speech Difficulty: Is it slurred or confused?
  • Time: Time to Call 911: Time=Brain

A previous campaign by several nationally recognized organizations used the acronym F.A.C.E. for signs and symptoms, but it did not include a call to action. In the case of stroke, timely action to get medical help is the imperative.

To promote public awareness of F.A.S.T. during May, which is Stroke Awareness Month, Portsmouth Regional Hospital is staging a “takeover” of its available media for several days this month. Its billboard on I-95, its Facebook page, its web page, its print and digital display ads in local newspapers and news web sites, and its lobby screens will present stroke awareness and F.A.S.T. images and messaging.

Portsmouth Regional Hospital has emerged as a leader for stroke care on the Seacoast with its designation as a Certified Primary Stroke Center by The Joint Commission. It has an ongoing outreach and education program with local EMS, who now call ahead to initiate a Stroke Alert when they are incoming to Portsmouth Regional Hospital’s Emergency Room with a patient presenting with signs of stroke. And, two years ago, it began offering endovascular thrombectomy, a lifesaving and brain-saving procedure that many patients previously had to be transported to Boston or Portland to receive.

We are proud to offer expert stroke care close to home for patients on the Seacoast,” said Jamie Joyce, Director of the Neuroscience service line at Portsmouth Regional Hospital. “Because time equals brain in stroke care, it’s important for people to act F.A.S.T. like the slogan says. We hope this ‘takeover’ will help more people to know the signs of stroke and know to get medical help quickly.”