Portsmouth Regional Hospital and Project Search Staff with Great Bay Community College President

Portsmouth Regional Hospital received a Distinguished Leadership Award at a gala event at Great Bay Community College October 13th. The college honored the hospital for their partnership in providing support and clinical sites for the nursing and surgical technology students and their innovative partnership with Project SEARCH Seacoast NH.

Riley King, 2016 Project SEARCH graduate and his mother were featured in a video highlighting healthcare programs and partners. “He’s been wanting to work, get a job and get paid for the longest time. Without something like this, it might have been a lot harder for him. He might still be hanging around at home,” said Debbie King. Riley added that he was happy and proud to have graduated from Project SEARCH, “I learned to be a good worker and how to communicate with co-workers.”

Dean Carucci, CEO of Portsmouth Regional Hospital accepted the award and said “Being in healthcare, we thought it would be a nice collaboration for the two of us to come together to provide these opportunities in the community.”

Through this event, the college raised over $430,000 for student scholarships and services. For some students, participating in these programs would not be possible without additional financial assistance.

Having been to several Project SEARCH graduations, Will Arvelo, President of Great Bay Community College, said about our students: “They graduate, they get jobs and to see how that impacts students and their families is a very emotional experience. It proves that we should never forget that everybody has something to give back.”