Portsmouth Regional Hospital October 28, 2013

Portsmouth Regional Hospital has partnered with iTriage, one of the top health and fitness resources on the market, to help consumers make better healthcare decisions. iTriage gives consumers the knowledge to answer common medical questions and the power to take charge of their health.

Developed by doctors, iTriage combines health information with GPS and mapping to help consumers find care whether at home or on the road. From seasonal colds and mild injuries to more serious medical conditions, iTriage helps consumers:

  • Search symptoms and find appropriate care
  • Research conditions, procedures & medications
  • Find the closest doctors and medical facilities, complete with directions
  • Store important medical information in iTriage

Another feature of iTriage is the Emergency Department check-in system called “iNotify”. Patients on their way to the Emergency Department can alert staff prior to their arrival directly from their smartphone or internet device. iNotify is available through the free mobile healthcare app iTriage.

To use iNotify at Portsmouth Regional Hospital through iTriage:

  • Choose “Facility”
  • Select “Emergency Department”
  • Locate “Portsmouth Regional Hospital”
  • Click the “Check-In with iNotify” to fill out the form and submit

Patients experiencing a medical emergency should call 911 or seek medical attention immediately. This process doesn't begin your medical evaluation, schedule an appointment for you, or reserve a patient room or ER bed. Patients with severe medical conditions always receive priority attention in our ERs.