Helping patients with diet and lifestyle options on the Seacoast

After bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery, many things about your life have to change to ensure permanent success. At Portsmouth Regional Hospital, our bariatric team is committed to helping you manage the transition to your new, healthy lifestyle.

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What to expect after bariatric surgery

With a substantially changed lifestyle, patients may deal with issues such as nutritional deficiencies, low blood sugar levels, depression or other addictions. That's why we place great emphasis on education and behavior modification. At Portsmouth Regional Hospital, our holistic care includes these activities:

  • Onsite support groups
  • Outpatient postoperative nutritional counseling
  • Outpatient postoperative rehabilitation services
  • Regularly scheduled postoperative visits for up to five years

Our bariatric surgeons know how to handle your special needs before, during and after weight loss surgery. Although bariatric surgery has been shown to be an effective approach to weight loss, remember that the surgery is only a tool. A successful outcome depends on your commitment to a long-term lifestyle change.

The importance of support

Support groups give weight loss surgery patients an invaluable opportunity to gather information, share their personal weight loss experiences and learn from others’ experiences. Joining a support group can help with the physical and emotional issues surrounding weight loss surgery and provide the continuing support and encouragement needed to reach your goals.

Our free monthly support groups provide opportunities before and after surgery to learn and ask questions. You'll have access to our dietitian, psychologist and bariatric nurse, as well as patients who share their personal stories about the challenges and successes of weight loss surgery and the path to renewed health. Sessions are open to anyone who has had or is planning to have weight loss surgery.

Explore our weight loss support groups.