Robot-assisted surgery in Portsmouth

If you are experiencing knee pain and are looking into joint replacement, there's a new option available. Portsmouth Regional Hospital is the first hospital in New Hampshire to offer robot-assisted total knee replacement. This technology assists surgeons in treating osteoarthritis of the knee and restores your mobility and active lifestyle.

For more information on the physicians performing robotic surgery, please call our physician referral line at (888) 421-1080.

Robotic knee replacement surgery

The robot-assisted technology provides you with a personalized surgical plan based on your unique anatomy. A 3D model of your knee will be used to plan and assist your surgeon in performing a partial knee replacement or a total knee replacement.

If your surgeon determines that you are a good candidate for robotic surgery, you will be scheduled for a computed tomography (CT) scan of your knee one or two weeks prior to your surgery date. This is used to create your unique surgical plan for optimal implant replacement.