New tool reduces medical errors, standardizes pediatric dosing

Portsmouth, NH — Portsmouth Regional Hospital has added a new level of safety when it comes to giving children the right amount of medicine in an emergency situation. Known as the Artemis system, the tool allows medical professionals to instantly access proper dosing, improve the speed and accuracy in acute preparation and administration of drugs, reduce medical errors and standardizes pediatric dosing so that can provide young patients with high quality emergency care, safely.

The system uses the well-known Broselow Tape - a color-coded tool that determines body weight from body length and provides proper dosing for kids, in combination with a new technology that takes the potential for medication dosing errors out of human hands.

The system also answers the questions of all members of the healthcare team at the bedside and the pharmacy in a format that they can all access immediately. The tool also is available for use on a mobile device or tablet.

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