Radiation oncology in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation to minimize or kill malignant cancer cells. At Portsmouth Regional Hospital, our comprehensive oncology program collaborates with other radiation therapy providers in the region to deliver a variety of treatments that meet your specific needs.

To learn more about our radiation therapy services or to schedule an appointment, call (888) 421-1080.

Advanced technology in experienced hands

You can rely on our oncology team to offer you access to the most advanced technology for cancer-fighting radiation therapy. Our interventional radiologists, physicians and clinical staff perform procedures with this equipment to deliver better patient outcomes.

We also maintain professional relationships with top-notch radiation therapy facilities and specialists in Boston and throughout New England, so you can receive appropriate referrals to the best resources, as well as expert cancer care closely monitored by your local oncologist.

You and your physician typically choose from two general types of radiation therapy—external beam or internal beam—or a combination of both types.

External beam radiation

Procedures using external beam radiation may involve image-guided radiation therapy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy, which link highly detailed imaging scans with focused radiation beams to target certain small, well-defined tumors.

Internal radiation

Internal radiation treatments, also known as brachytherapy, involve inserting a source of radioactive material—often called a "seed"—into a body cavity. For treatment of gynecological cancer or breast cancer, this sealed source is sent into the body through a catheter for a short period of time, usually just a few minutes.

Interventional radiology

Minimally invasive interventional radiology techniques may be an excellent choice if you're unable to tolerate conventional surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. These tumor-focused procedures can mean fewer side effects and a more rapid recovery, so you're often able to return home the same day.

We offer targeted procedures that spare surrounding healthy tissue, including:

  • Ablative techniques using high heat or extreme cold—Radiofrequency ablation (RFA), microwave ablation and cryoablation—to take direct aim at tumors
  • Embolic techniques—Selective internal radiation therapy using nuclear medicine (radioembolization) or chemotherapy (chemoembolization) that injects the appropriate substance directly into the tumor