When treating stroke or conditions of the brain and nervous system, you may be offered the option of neurosurgery—procedures involving the brain, head, neck, nervous system and related blood vessel systems.

Your Best Choice for Brain or Nervous System Surgery

Without question, when you need neurological surgery, you want to be at Portsmouth Regional Hospital. Our comprehensive brain surgery program builds on the expert medical professionals, advanced technology and extensive resources found throughout our organization.

As the largest and most experienced brain surgery program in the Seacoast Region, our fellowship-trained and board-certified neurosurgeons, knowledgeable and skilled clinicians, collaborative approach and commitment to top-quality care ensures the best possible outcomes for you. Your neurosciences team also may include:

Advanced Technology for Neuro & Brain Surgery

For the detailed pre-surgical evaluations and delicate procedures required to perform neurosurgery, our expert teams use advanced tools, such as Camino Laboratories' fiber-optic technology to monitor pressure inside the skull and brain—only available in the Seacoast Region at Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

We're also the first Seacoast hospital to pair a high-powered surgical microscope with Brainlab's stereotactic navigation system to precisely locate and treat or remove small targets inside the body. You benefit from greater accuracy, smaller incisions, less blood loss, shorter surgical procedures, less impact on remaining function, faster healing and access to effective treatments for previously inoperable conditions.

In the Seacoast region, you'll find neurosurgical ultrasound procedures dedicated to life-saving emergency interventions only at Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

Our diagnostic imaging options to help physicians and surgeons assess your situation include:

  • High-density magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans to clearly locate brain tumors and plan a precise path for removal
  • CT angiography to help visualize blood flow throughout the body, another first-in-the-Seacoast achievement for Portsmouth Regional Hospital that helps deliver neurosurgical benefits to you

As a neuro, brain or stroke patient or family member of a patient at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, you'll also appreciate access to our pain management and palliative care options, behavioral health services and extensive educational materials for cancer-related conditions.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Support for your recovery and return to function following brain, nervous system or spine-related injury, damage, tumor, surgery or stroke is all part of the extensive rehabilitation services available to you through Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

Learn more about various brain and nervous system conditions and stroke in our online Health Library.