Portsmouth Regional Hospital - December 08, 2016

The average American gains approximately two pounds through the Holiday season. This can be avoided through eating in moderation and using mindful eating. 

Here are some helpful holiday survival tips:

  • Do not skip meals during the day as this will result in overindulging. Treat the Holiday like any other day of the week by eating 3 meals a day and include small snacks high in fiber and protein. If you save up for the meal by not eating all day, you will most likely consume more calories at that one sitting then for the entire day.
  • Use a smaller plate. Psychologically, this allows us to feel like we are eating more by seeing a full plate. Fill the plate with fruits and vegetables and lean sources of protein.
  • Bring a healthy dessert, entrée or appetizer to a Holiday gathering. This will guarantee that there will be a healthy alternative for you to consume.
  • Eat your calories vs drinking them. Some beverages could amount to 500+ calories per serving. 
  • Make recipe substitutions for your favorite desserts. By replacing oil with natural applesauce you could save approximately 1000 calories in the recipe.
  • Incorporate some physical activity. Adding something as simple as walking can offset some of your Holiday indulgences.
  • Drink a lot of water! Consume at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. This will help control your hunger as sometimes bodies confuse thirst with hunger!

Jessica LaFleur

Clinical Dietician, Portsmouth Regional Hospital